About Our Store

 Hello, and thank you for visiting AЯMOR store! Have you ever wondered what AЯMOR means?

1. We think that clothing is an ARMOR that shows our strongest, and brightest self.

2. It has a Russian letter Я, which means I, in it because I'm (the owner) of this store is Russian. So, the name has a little part of me. 

3. It has LOVE - AMOR inside because everything is done with so much love and passion!

4. Last but not least. The name assumes that men and women are both strong, powerful, and equal. We are a GENDER FREE shop! Any clothes in our store could be worn by anybody, despite your gender.

The story of this shop begun in 2019. I (Lily) always loved fun, interesting, and unique clothing. But everything has changed when I went to Burning Man. I was in my own element for the first time in my life. Kind, radiant, fun, and beautiful people in amazing costumes inspired me to make unique pieces myself. I started by making hats in my room and not much changed since. I'm operating the store with the help of my dear mum. She helps me with literally everything, from sewing to packing. So, she is my lovely business partner. The only thing I know for sure is that I enjoy doing what I do and make people happy with my clothes! I hope you enjoy our Etsy shop and visit again soon.


Liliia Elli


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